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Loading of the MiG 21
CL-13 Arrives at KHIO -
Hillsboro, Oregon Airport
Gear Swing of the MiG 21
Engine Run of the MiG 21
The Classic Aircraft
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Adam Burch
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Lee Faulk
Ron Levesque
Scott Powell

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T-4 Start and Taxi

Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum receives Charitable Grant from the 2012
Oregon International Air Show Funds
On Thursday, December 6, 2012, The Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum, in Hillsboro, Oregon was
selected as one of several
Oregon International Airshow Grant recipients. A Grant for $1200 from the
2012 Airshow’s charitable funds was presented to
Museum Co-Founder, Funda Kelsay,
at a ceremony held at Standard TV & Appliance in Beaverton, Oregon.

Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum is a regular participant in the annual Oregon International Airshow
and several Air Shows throughout the NW. Every year, the
Museum’s dedicated volunteers and staff
present an impressive Warbird flight demonstration for attendees. In addition, the
Museum’s unique
collection of fly-worthy Cold and Post War aircraft is on static display. This year’s flight demonstration
included the
Museum’s MiG 17, flown by Founder Roger B. Kelsay, and an A-26, flown by Ret Col. Scott
and Co-pilot Bill Avilio.

On Saturday, August 4th, 2012 the Museum also hosted residents of Cornell Estates, located in Hillsboro,
Oregon, at the 2012 Air show, where they were able to see and hear flight demonstrations and meet many
of the
Museum’s volunteers, staff, and pilots.

Grant Funds and the Neptune Project
As a proud recipient, the $1200 Charitable Grant will be used for the Museum’s Neptune Project. The
Neptune Project is a historical collaboration between the Museum and the ROC in Taiwan. The Museum is
restoring a Cold War era
P2V Neptune that when restored will make a goodwill flight from Hillsboro
Oregon to Taiwan
.  The P2V Neptune has historical significance for the people of Taiwan.  The Neptune (a
rare aircraft) played an important role during the Cold War as ROC Air Force pilots flew covert recon
flights over Communist China for the
United States.  The Neptune Project is also recognized and
sanctioned by the
Taiwanese Consul and Economic Development Office in Seattle, Washington. The
Museum anticipates completing the P2V Neptune restoration in the fall of 2013.  It will become part of the
Museum’s fly worthy aircraft collection where it will support their Mission.

Continued Support
We are grateful for the continued support of the Oregon International Air Show. With over 65,000
attendees, this year’s donation totaled more than $78,000. We look forward to participating next year in
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February 2012