ABOUT  The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 (Russian: Микоян и
Гуревич МиГ-17) (NATO reporting name: Fresco) (China:
Shenyang J-5) (Poland: PZL-Mielec Lim-6)
is a high-subsonic
fighter aircraft produced in the
USSR from 1952 and operated by
numerous air forces in many variants.
Most MiG-17 variants cannot carry air-to-air missiles, but shot
down many aircraft with its cannons. It is an advanced
development of the very similar appearing MiG-15 of the Korean
War, and was used as an effective threat against supersonic
fighters of the
United States in the Vietnam War. It was also
briefly known as the "Type 38", by
U.S. Air Force designation
prior to the development of
NATO codes.

DESIGN   Day-fighter variants (MiG-17, MiG-17F) were armed
with two 23 mm NR-23 cannons (80 rpg) and one 37 mm N-37
cannon (40 rounds), which were mounted on a common bed under
the central air intake. The gun bed could be easily wound down for
maintenance. On radar-equipped variants (MiG-17P, MiG-17PF),
the 37 mm N-37 was replaced with a third 23 mm NR-23
(carrying 100 rpg) to compensate for the weight aft of the radar.
All variants could carry 100 kg (220 lb) bombs on two underwing
pylons and some could carry 250 kg (551 lb) bombs; however,
these pylons were usually used for 400 l (106 US gal) fuel tanks.
The MiG-17R was armed with two 23 mm cannons. Most MiG-
17s in third world service today fly as ground attack or trainer
The only variant with air-to-air missiles was the MiG-17PM (or
MiG-17PFU), which could carry four K-5
. It had no cannons. Some countries occasionally
modified their MiG-17s to carry unguided rockets or bombs on
additional pylons. MiG-17s in Cuba could be armed with AA-2
"Atoll" missiles.
The MiG-17P was equipped with the
Izumrud-1 (RP-1) radar,
while the MiG-17PF was initially fitted with the RP-1 which was
later replaced with the
Izumrud-5 (RP-5) radar. The MiG-17PM
was also equipped with a radar, used to aim its missiles. Other
variants had no radar.  
The Classic Aircraft Museum owns and
performs at local air shows -  the
Mikoyan-Guevich MiG 17FM.
(Shown here)
Mikoyan-Guevich MiG 17FM
Role                        Fighter aircraft
National origin        Soviet Union
Manufacturer          Mikoyan-Gurevich
First flight              14 January 1950
Introduction            October 1952
Status                     Active with North Korea Air Force
                       and Pakistan Air Force
Primary users         Soviet Air Force
                       PLA Air Force
                       Polish Air Force
                       Vietnam People's Air Force
Number built           10,603
Developed from       Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15
Variants                  PZL-Mielec Lim-6
                       Shenyang J-5